Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UNIISYS Presentation: A Reflection

The UNIISYS or the University of Integrated System is a web based application that is made of ten subsystems, each varying in function but has the same goal of automating the manual practices and bring solutions to some problems in the University of Southeastern Philippines. It aims to be of use to and provide convenience for USeP students, faculty, staff and visitors.

So aside from their "common goal", what does bring together, a year and a half, three semesters, ten subsystems, eleven teams and forty students? Actually, its not "what" but "who".. and its none other than the man who thought of this all, our professor.[Codename: RSG]

Going back to that night, March 19,2010 at Kuya Ed's Resto,where all of us finally presented each of our subsystems and UNIISYS as a whole in front of our parents, colleagues, guests and Sir RSG, me and my classmates were overflowing with emotions. When I try to look back even a day before that occasion, doubt is still in our minds and standing in front of everyone that night felt like dream.

Standing there, introducing my colleagues and the work they have done for UNIISYS (since I was one of the hosts) is really a defining moment. Sometimes the audience would listen intently and other times they would laugh at the jokes being told by some presenters and what better way to end the night than to ask a few words from the man of made all of this possible.

I thought he was just going to be candid and straight forward about it, but it surprised me a lot when he actually wrote a whole speech about us and UNIISYS. This added more pride for us students since this meant that our professor really gave a lot of time and thoughts over us and UNIISYS.

Some of Sir RSG's lines from his speech.

"I dont have time to learn technology .. I get my students to do it"

"My students know more about technology than I do ... they were the one's who taught me how it works .."

"The technology my students use today will be completely replaced by the time they reach the workplace.. "