Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UNIISYS Presentation: A Reflection

The UNIISYS or the University of Integrated System is a web based application that is made of ten subsystems, each varying in function but has the same goal of automating the manual practices and bring solutions to some problems in the University of Southeastern Philippines. It aims to be of use to and provide convenience for USeP students, faculty, staff and visitors.

So aside from their "common goal", what does bring together, a year and a half, three semesters, ten subsystems, eleven teams and forty students? Actually, its not "what" but "who".. and its none other than the man who thought of this all, our professor.[Codename: RSG]

Going back to that night, March 19,2010 at Kuya Ed's Resto,where all of us finally presented each of our subsystems and UNIISYS as a whole in front of our parents, colleagues, guests and Sir RSG, me and my classmates were overflowing with emotions. When I try to look back even a day before that occasion, doubt is still in our minds and standing in front of everyone that night felt like dream.

Standing there, introducing my colleagues and the work they have done for UNIISYS (since I was one of the hosts) is really a defining moment. Sometimes the audience would listen intently and other times they would laugh at the jokes being told by some presenters and what better way to end the night than to ask a few words from the man of made all of this possible.

I thought he was just going to be candid and straight forward about it, but it surprised me a lot when he actually wrote a whole speech about us and UNIISYS. This added more pride for us students since this meant that our professor really gave a lot of time and thoughts over us and UNIISYS.

Some of Sir RSG's lines from his speech.

"I dont have time to learn technology .. I get my students to do it"

"My students know more about technology than I do ... they were the one's who taught me how it works .."

"The technology my students use today will be completely replaced by the time they reach the workplace.. "

Friday, January 15, 2010

Kim Hyun joong (SS501) and Kim Jae Joong (TVXQ) in Canada (Airport Fan Account)

Kim Hyun joong, is the leader of SS501 and populary known as Yoon Jihoo from the hit Koreanovela, Boys Over Flowers while Kim Jae Joong is the lead singer of Asia's most popular boy group, TVXQ. These two represents the most handsome, famous, talented, popular and 4D men of Korea.

Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ)

Even if these two men came from rival boy bands and companies their friendship is known to everyone and a lot of fans want to see them work together. As an evidence, the news of them being in a holiday together is enough to make everyone wild. For people who don't know this two guys, just think of having Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise to be best buds and gone out partying together or (for a closer age gap) imagine Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron being best friends and spending holidays together (getting drunk etc). These thoughts are highly scream worthy and heavenly right?

At first, only rumors of them in Canada can be read but in the following days, pictures and fan accounts from the fans who saw them in Canada spread all over the Internet.

The ff links can you give the other pics and fan accounts:

First Week Rumors
New Article from NewSen
Fan Account of seeing Jaejoong and Hyun Joong in HMart (Canada)
Fan Account of seeing Jaejoong and Hyunjoong in Pacific Center

From all the fan accounts, this is my favorite. She was not a die hard fan at first but upon seeing the two boys she falls in love with them. Great descriptions too. ^^

Photo credit: Esther @daum.net/gaia

Credit: Mia Ng + (English translation) Alex Ng + UniNg @ www.onetvxq.com
Please repost with full credit

My friend's aunt was in Canada for a business trip and she met JaeJoong, HyunJoong at the airport. Here is her account.

Original text in French
English translation by Alex Ng.

Well, let see! Where should I begin?
It’s about my experience with meeting two famous Korean celebrities while waiting for my flight at a business launch in Canada Airport.

They are Kim Hyun Joong (Jihoo from BOF) and his friend, Kim JaeJoong. I’m an old chap, not a big fan of anything, but I do watch/listen to Korean drama and music. My two nephews are dedicated fans, so they keep me updated once in a while.

The two young men were sitting right across from my seat. Since I was busy working on my laptop, I didn’t noticed their presence until one of their travel companions dropped something on the floor.

Kim Hyun Joong looks quite young in person. His complexion is amazingly nice. He’s very fair, and very pretty. He looks ethereal, almost like an angel himself. His skin is as nice as a child‘s. Women would go for extreme measures just to have that kind of skin (so unfair).

Kim JaeJoong is also very handsome. He looks a little quirky, but that makes him sexy. I found Jaejoong a little more approachable and down-to-earth, since he does not have that “God” vide look as KHJ does.
[Hana: I love both of them but Hyun joong really has that GOd/Prince type of aura. His smile is soooo manly and pretty.]

Those two seem very close. They didn’t talk much, but the way they exchanged eyes contacts and shared a drink showed their closeness. I watched them from behind my laptop (he he … shame on me, an old lady). At one point, they made some loud noise and looked at me wary. I smiled just to reassure them. Jaejoong nod his head and I thought he said sorry. HyunJoong just smiled and shyly looked down. Right at that moment, I understood why they called him ‘prettier than flower’.

[Hana: LOL. She says she's not a that big time fan but I think after this she is a certified Hyunnie.. She likes Jaejoong too but the way she describes Hyunjoong is amazing. ^^]

If I’m not wrong, Jaejoong is older than HyunJoong right? The younger one leaned on his friend’s shoulder and slept like a baby, while the older one sat till and even tried to put a coat on his young friend. I guess only Asian can show such affection to same-sex friends without the thought of been mistaken as homosexual. I found them really cute, and innocent.
[Hana: True. Other people would easily judge them gay. But in Korea, sunbaes or hyungs should always take care of their younger friends or hoobaes. Both of them, especially Hyunjoong is secure of their manliness that's its okay for them to do that. They are really like brothers. ^^]

I didn’t want to disturb or make them uncomfortable, I planned to wait to right before I leave for the flight to ask for their signatures, and pictures. Those will be great gifts for my two nephews. However, when I came back from the wash room, they were gone.

As a punishment for failing to get their pictures, my two nephews insisted me to write a fan account (?) to share my experience with all the fans. So, here it is, my first ever fan account. I hope you all enjoy it. It was great to feel young, and being a fan girl once again. Thanks to the two gorgeous young men.

To my nephews, Lauren and Alexandra

With love, Mia Ng.


Anyways, just today the boys have already arrived in Korea. ^^
Jaejoong in white jacket/blue striped Tshirt and Hyun Joong in black.

pic credits: Sharing Yoochun

Here are their pictures in YVR (Vancouver)Airport taken Jan 14.
Jaejoong in white jacket/blue striped Tshirt and Hyun Joong in black.
At the first picture, they were in a wine shop and the next two pictures they were eating in a restaurant. ^^

Pictures taken from Baidu.
Original credit goes to the shutterbug zz of Fairy~land.

Credits to:

other credits:


Monday, October 19, 2009

Green Pea Princess

To my fellow, Triple S - Green Pea Princesses, wear your party hats because today we are officially REBORN.!!!

Triple S - Taipei Chapter

Yesterday was an amazing day because we proved how "ONE" we are. Most of us, if not all had that special agent feeling yesterday as we "hunted" and "told off (kindly if I might add, kekeke)" those disrespecting, illegal uploaders as they not only uploaded the songs from our beloved Rebirth mini-album before the official release date but also as they shamelessly laid the DL links on their sites.

People who do this are either antis or non fans because they did those things without thinking how much our boys have worked hard for it and how much all of us have endured to wait for its release and its success. These people might think of us as selfish fans but I am glad that we proved them wrong. True, not all of us can buy the album because of money problems however, as fans we think of our oppas first before ourselves. Young Saeng oppa already cried when Crazy4U was leaked and Hyun joong oppa invested his own money to buy the songs for this album so let us not let them down. SS501 and Triple S both have suffered greatly because of the changing release dates, leader shii getting swined, and DSP being tricked and almost plagiarized a song and the last thing we need are this ignorant people who tries to mess things up on the day before the official release.

To others, we might seem over the top to create an issue when the official date release is only one day away. They question us why would a day matter. I thank those who raised their voices and said that "True, why waiting for one day should be a big thing". We waited for two years for a new album/mini album, we certainly can wait for one day. I also bow down to those who joined the countdown last night (unfortunately I didn't took part T_T). The two hours before the official release you waited as finally the gift we all wanted now lay available in our midst.

And today, as our Hyunnies hit the 501 page mark on the soompi thread, which is something really amazing since it seems its destiny to have the 501 page on the day of REBIRTH's release and as our Triple S (with hyunnies and joongboers of course)still searching for offenders, we have taken the first step to success.

First step because, buying the album is just an initial step. For international fans buy on online sites that can be counted in the music charts. We need and want them to win on all music stations.

Rebirth Mini-album Song List

Track 1: Wasteland
Track02: Love like this (Title track)
Track03: One Day
Track04: Obsess (written by Baby Joon)
Track05: Green Peas (fan song..ITS FOR TRIPLE S.!!!!!)


I LOVE ALL THE SONGS.. Totally new from our boys. As always they never disappointed us. It totally exceeded my expectations. But my favorite song would be, Green Pea/Pea Princess as this song was made for all of us Triple S. I knew that some of you (like me) have shed tears upon hearing the song and cried more upon reading the translations. They sang it full of emotions which really made me feel special. It really made my day.

These are articles from AllKpop.

This one talks about the netizens reactions to the album.

SS501 Rebirth is Explosive

"It didn't take long for the album to be praised and loved, as soon as the album was released, fans and listeners quickly picked it up. The response has been explosive, fans and critics alike were surprised by the artistic quality of the album, re-establishing SS501's image as serious musicians as they come together for their comeback. Already, Netizens have praised the album by saying "The wait was worth every single moment" and that "There isn't a single song on the album that's bad." Currently, the album is on the list for most searched term on portal sites such as Naver and Daum."

SS501 releases “Rebirth” Album

"Due to issues with the title track being a plagiarized song, the album was delayed, but wait no more, it's here! It was unfortunate that the album had been leaked on the 19th but SS501 fans banded together to stamp out the spread very effectively in a short period of time."

Also, thanks to Allkpop for taking down their column on the Rebirth songs yesterday when some Triple S mailed them that its not yet the official day of release.

So to all, Triple S, its gonna be a busy time. Persona concerts here and there, music stations guestings, album promotions, Kyu jong's SETI and CF's to watch and support.!! Fighting.!!!